Watchdog aims to tackle two of the most important issues that face New Zealand Businesses through our customisable training programs; threat awareness and fraud detection.

Threat Awareness

The training objective is to equip attendees with knowledge and skills to deal with any level of hostile situation from argumentative clients to armed offenders.

We teach the skills to identify the situation early, de-escalate before confrontation and appropriate behaviour around police response.

Threat Awareness training covers off the following critical incidents
- Fire
- Intoxicated/drug affected persons
- Aggressive/mentally disturbed Persons
- Medical emergency
- Aggravated robbery
- Bomb threat
- Terrorism/active shooter

Packages Starting from $499 + GST

Fraud Awareness

Staff fraud is difficult to detect and causes great losses to kiwi-owned businesses throughout New Zealand. Watchdog's training team will cater a program to teach you how to spot, deter, and deal with employee theft and fraud.

Our fraud detection package is designed as a practical guide for all levels of management. We cover training in the areas of;
- Internal Theft
- Fraud
- Building a zero tolerance culture
- Whistle Blower policies
- Training staff how to report
- The importance of following procedure and policies
- Creating transparency in the organisation

Packages starting from $499 + GST

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