Home CCTV and Camera Solutions

CCTV and security cameras are now cheap and effective enough to be common place in the residential market. In Tauranga and Rotorua, we are seeing a huge increase in demand for these systems to be installed at home. Our preferred installers are trained to install the most cost-effective CCTV in residential settings. We recommend trusted brands like Hikvision for home camera scenarios. These cameras are incredibly cost effective, achieving a great picture at a fantastic price.

IP Cameras are the future

IP cameras are the way to go. These cameras achieve fantastic images at a fraction of the price they were 5 years ago. There are many different types of IP cameras that can be installed. From low-cost standalone systems with SD cards inside the camera, to full 32 camera systems that will turn your home into Fort Knox!

Our recommended installers have the experience and expertise to work on older generation analogue cameras and hybrid systems. We can install these, but highly recommend going full IP where possible.

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