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Watchdog Security Group are leaders in electronic protection and security solutions that work for you. We monitor homes throughout New Zealand and specialise in monitoring in the Bay of Plenty - Tauranga, Rotorua, Whakatane, Taupo, Tokoroa, Tirau, Opotiki and more.

Your home is unique, especially when it comes to your security requirements. Our professional security consultants can meet you on site to customise a response and monitoring plan that works for you and your alarm system.

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Residential alarm monitoring starts at $25.00 + GST per month

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Home Security Equipment

Keypads: The keypad is your interface for managing your alarm system and identifying which zone(s) is triggered in the event of activation. There are multiple keypads available in the market and traditional features include a zone light or an LCD display, multiple user codes and a back light allowing you to see your display in the event of a power outage.

We provide a range of keypad models with different systems or sets of features to ensure we have a suitable solution for all needs


Glass Break and Shock Sensors: Glass breaks detect both the vibration and the pitch (frequency) of glass breaking when an intruder enters. This state-of-the-art sensor is excellent for any large area of glass that may be susceptible to entry or vandalism.

Where a door or window is susceptible to forced entry or vandalism have one of our Shock sensors fitted to give you advanced warning. The sensor has the ability to detect and analyse seismic vibrations caused by attempted break-ins before the intruder is able to enter the premise. These sensors are ideal for residential or commercial properties, as well as government buildings and financial facilities.

Smoke Detectors: With the addition of smoke detectors the intruder alarm expands into a full security system. Domestic installations should have a smoke detector installed within 3 metres of each sleeping area (bedroom) at a minimum. The addition of a smoke detector to your alarm system provides added protection for your property during any absence therefore peace of mind for valuable and sentimental items that are irreplaceable.

Even when you are at home the smoke detector is linked to a 24 hour zone giving you protection while you are asleep, outside or at the other end of your house.

Panic Buttons: Personal security and peace of mind, these devices can be either wireless or hardwired and installed in a fixed position or remote button making them easy to carry with you anywhere on your property.

Panic buttons are not just for robbery or threats, but also great in circumstances where there is a risk that medical assistance may need to be sought.

PIR Motion Detectors - Pet Friendly Models Available: PIR stands for Passive Infra Red. This is one form of protection of your home’s interior by detecting the body heat movement of intruders using sensors that can cover a wide area. Traditionally the most common protection for your valuables and property, PIR’s also come as ‘pet friendly’ allowing animal’s less than 45kgs (varying models and specifications) to walk about your house without setting off the alarm.

Door and Window Contacts: Protect doors and windows against forced entry by using magnetic contacts for all vulnerable doors and windows. Another use of these reed switches is to put them on pool gates, firearms lockers, liquor cabinets etc and link to your chime feature (wireless or hardwired) so you know if the children have entered the pool area or family are sipping your favourite drop.

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Accessories: Contact us to discuss the range of other products, both wireless and hardwired that we have available and can install on your system.

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