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[Series] Watchdog Tips: Take Pride In Your Premises

Thursday, November 3, 2016
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Deterring Burglaries on a Budget!


More this week on target hardening for residential and commercial properties; specifically, we are talking about showing a sense of pride in the premises.

Fact: Properties that are looked after, tidy and free of tagging, are much less likely to be targeted by burglars and vandals.

Showing that the owner cares for and looks after the property is a significant tactic in crime prevention. Thieves and vandals will target untidy and unlooked after properties; this is because they assume lower levels of repercussions and therefore lower risk. If a property owner has had tagging on his/her wall for the past year, it appears that he/she wont care or pursue the issue if further tagging appears.

Burglars will also target premises that look uncared for. They will often assume that the same level of care that is put into the grounds and premises, is also put into the security. Often they are right.

Our tip for the month! So, spring is here, the sun is out and the days are warm. This gives us a great opportunity to get stuck in around our homes and businesses. Show that you are taking pride, tidy up out the back of your shop, trim those trees at home and make your premises a harder target!

As always, stay safe and stay secure.

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