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Fibre is going to cause issues

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fibre is going to cause issues - PermaConn

As a country, we are pushing hard to roll everyone off a copper based landline connection and onto ultrafast fibre or 4G connections. This is great news for those internet lovers out there who like their super fast internet; but, it is not good news for your monitored alarm system.

Your alarm system has a very sensitive dialler. It communicates to our monitoring station using analogue DTMF tones which communicate in different formats. Some of the new fibre or 4G based connections have a virtual analogue line which lets your normal landline telephone still work on this new connection. However, it doesn't work well with your alarm system.

To combat this, we recommend installing an IP or 4G based dialler onto your alarm. These diallers are universal and fit on most common alarm systems. We often recommend going with a PermaConn unit, which is the most reliable dialler we have found so far. Some alarms however, will require a slightly different dialler so let us know and we can recommend the correct dialler for you.

As the PermaConn is sim card based, it requires a $6 + GST per month top up. We do these top ups for you through PermaConn HQ, so your monthly monitoring will increase by the above figure. Most of the 3G or 4G units out there have a similar monthly figure.

To find out more information give us a call and speak with one of our friendly monitoring operators.

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