Security Guards and Patrols

Watchdog prides itself in having professional and highly responsive security guards. We have guards on the ground patrolling Rotorua and Tauranga 24/7. We strategically scatter our guards throughout the city to ensure the fastest response times to alarm activations and to meet our less than 10-minute guarantees.

Bed Downs and Nightly Checks

Our security guards can complete 'bed downs' at your business to ensure staff have closed all windows and locked up properly. We also complete nightly checks, making sure a security presence is seen at your premises and deterring burglars before they strike. Our guards are trained to look for openings or weaknesses in your security while patrolling the premises. If weaknesses are found we can sort them out then, or contact you if need be.

Detailed reports are available through our online guard reporting software. These reports include; guard notes, photos, and GPS locations with times the guards were on site.

Static Guards

If you need to beef up your security one step further, we can have security guards stationed on site. Either recurring or for specific events, we can cater to all. Rest assured, our guards are trained to respond to all critical incidents that may occur on site.

Cash Collection

Our guards can collect and deposit cash from your business as well as pick up and drop off your weekly float. We specialise in cash collection for small to medium businesses in Rotorua and Tauranga. If you have a large business that requires cash collection please submit an inquiry to arrange a consult.

Security Escorts

Our guards can escort employees to their vehicles. With growing health and safety concerns, employee escorts are becoming more and more popular throughout the Bay of Plenty. Great for when you or your employees are working late and require routine escorts to your vehicle.

Find out more about our guard services

Want to chat about what's involved in our guard services? We can meet you on site and come up with an affordable, custom made plan for you. Just send through your details below for a free, no obligation meeting.


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