Security Cameras and CCTV

The world of CCTV is ever evolving. Every year we see leaps and bounds in security camera technology. It is our job here at Watchdog to stay up-to-date on security camera products to ensure we deliver the best cameras to you.

Both Rotorua and Tauranga are seeing a surge in the installation of security cameras and CCTV systems. This is largely due to the huge downward price trends in the camera market. Smaller, low risk businesses can now afford to install HD camera systems at a fraction of the cost it was 5 years ago.

Security cameras are becoming an important tool in many businesses' Health and Safety plans. Analytics can alert you when people cross a line, when people walk into a vehicle only zone and much more.

Watchdog's security consultants will design a camera system with you, to ensure that you get maximum value for money. You tell us what you want to see, and we'll do the rest.

Our Camera Technicians have a wide variety of experience on many camera systems. We install reputable, high quality camera equipment from suppliers such as Hikvision, Sony, Avigilon and much more.

What your security cameras can do

  • Display live and recorded footage on your mobile phone or computer
  • Record footage when motion is detected or continuously record
  • Receive alerts for basic analytics - Line crossing or box entering
  • Advanced analytics - License plate recognition, people counting, vehicle detection
  • Send video footage to Watchdog on alarm activations for instant video verification.

Sifting through the world of CCTV is difficult, get in touch today to find out more

The world of cameras is consistently evolving and changing. The best way to find what system will work for you, is to get in touch today. Our camera experts will complete a site visit and security consult free of charge. It couldn't be easier.


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