Commercial Alarm Monitoring

24-Hour Security and Alarm Monitoring

Getting the right protection for your business is critical. That’s why Watchdog Security will help you customize an alarm monitoring plan that meets your individual needs. No matter what your industry, location or size.

Starting with the basic commercial package, and then adding extra business options below, you can give your business the best possible protection available at a great price.

Basic Commercial Protection Package:

  • Alarm activation monitoring
  • Smoke/Fire alarm monitoring
  • Panic alarm monitoring
  • Calls to your emergency contact list to determine best action
  • Alarm fault and status signals which
  • Set and unset logs to keep track of the comings and goings in your business
  • Daily timer test to ensure your alarm is working seamlessly, and there is no fault, power loss or low battery
  • Guaranteed less than 10-minute guard response time to alarm activations

Starting from $35.00 + GST per month

With so many options available where do I start?

Get in touch today and our security consultants will run through all options and find the best fit for your business. Security consults are no obligation and free within Tauranga and Rotorua.


More Options to Beef Up Your Security

Managed Open and Close Times: If your alarm hasn’t been set by a predetermined time, our operators follow through with customized instructions to ensure your alarm is set. This prevents security ‘slip ups’ that could prove costly.

Managed After Hours Access: If your alarm has been unarmed outside of normal business hours, an operator will follow customized instructions to manage after hours access.

Additional Emergency Contact Numbers: Increase the number of emergency contacts the operators will attempt to contact before patrols are dispatched to your site.

Customized Response Plan: You can decide from a number of options how you want the operators to respond to various alarm signals. This could include ringing Emergency Contact numbers first, or sending a security patrol straight away.

Panic alarm Monitoring: This signal is manually activated by the client from a keypad, a remote hardwired button (such as under a counter) or a push button wireless device. When activated it will send a silent alarm to the monitoring station that indicates the occupier is in trouble, in the event of a hold up for example. The response to this alarm signal could include immediate notification to the police.

Video Verification: Allows operators to immediately view video footage of what caused your alarm activation providing immediate identification of what response is required.

IP Or 3G Signal Transmission: With New Zealand moving to fibre internet, there is a growing need for IP or 3G monitoring. This monitoring is proving to be fast and reliable. It also allows for four hourly ‘silent’ timer test signals, instead of every 24 hours, which means problems with the alarm can be identified much quicker.

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