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Watchdog Security Group provides extensive security, investigations and training in New Zealand. With a head office in Rotorua and a patrol base in Tauranga, we specialise in alarm monitoring New Zealand wide. Our monitoring is done entirely in-house, our team knows security in Rotorua, Tauranga and Bay of Plenty like no one else.

The Watchdog Security Group has three specialist divisions with complete Security Services, Technical & Installation Services and Investigations to make Watchdog one of the most comprehensive providers of security, risk management and training services in the country.

From alarm monitoring, alarm or camera installations to private investigations our team includes people with extensive security experience and local, national and international corporate experience. Watchdog has quickly established a proven reputation to deliver an experienced and committed level of service nationwide.

Licensed by the Ministry of Justice, we are New Zealand owned and operated contributing our profits back into New Zealand. We have two major offices; one in Tauranga and our headquarters in Rotorua.

Our alarm monitoring covers New Zealand as does our investigations through a network of specialists. Watchdog’s clients both national and local already experience our true value for money with competitive pricing while delivering high service levels.

Watchdog delivers robbery training, fraud training and drug training. The armed robbery training, as it is more commonly known as, is delivered by Watchdog Security Group as risk management or threat awareness training because we cater for the attendee’s personal life and not just the workplace environment. This training is designed and tailored to client requirements and policies to help your staff deal with abusive patrons through to armed robbery incidents.

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Businesses’ in today’s global economic environment cannot operate with a one size fits all philosophy and the same applies to business security.

Watchdog Security Group does not expect businesses to fit with set packages. We acknowledge that different businesses have different threats and risks and as such require specific solutions. Watchdog will analyse your risk factors and advise on a solution, be it monitoring, surveillance or investigation that fits you best.

Watchdog Security Group will design or tailor packages for nationwide companies from alarm monitoring solutions to theft or fraud issues (internal or external) and ensure the solution will meet your security requirements with a solution that can be implemented throughout all your represented cities or operational areas.

Our State of the art monitoring solutions can incorporate a range of options including integrated alarm systems with video surveillance systems allowing a more accurate and rapid assessment of potential threats indicated by alarm activations. See more under Products.

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